Monday, April 26, 2010

NYC take two: The greatest Saturday

We came back to NYC on Saturday to bring several of my paintings to OK Harris Works of Art. It was a very, very, ..... ( I think we need one more) very, happy day. The weather was like a Buck Rogers day, the perfect temperature and sunny.  We spent a few hours exploring SoHo after dropping the paintings off at the gallery. We had such a good time taking in all the art, city sights, and smells. We had lunch in a great little Indian restaurant called Baluchi's. Then we started back home and that night my brother Richie made us the most incredible seafood and steak dinner you could imagine.  While we were in the city Richie took my son Greyson fishing and he caught his first stipped bass, 28 inches long! Yes it was a very good day.

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Jean Grosser said...

Glad the trip went well.
My that's a HUGE fish!
I see everyone was having a Good Day.