Monday, April 26, 2010

NYC take two: The greatest Saturday

We came back to NYC on Saturday to bring several of my paintings to OK Harris Works of Art. It was a very, very, ..... ( I think we need one more) very, happy day. The weather was like a Buck Rogers day, the perfect temperature and sunny.  We spent a few hours exploring SoHo after dropping the paintings off at the gallery. We had such a good time taking in all the art, city sights, and smells. We had lunch in a great little Indian restaurant called Baluchi's. Then we started back home and that night my brother Richie made us the most incredible seafood and steak dinner you could imagine.  While we were in the city Richie took my son Greyson fishing and he caught his first stipped bass, 28 inches long! Yes it was a very good day.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New painting progress.

Here is the progress on my latest painting of cherry pie a la mode. It is all blocked in and now I need to sift through the details. I will post the finished painting when I am done.

update 2 days later somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 complete

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday I was in New York

A couple of months ago, I sent some images of my Big Food Series to OK Harris Works of Art in New York City. Mr. Ethan Karp wrote me back, telling me that he was intrigued by them and would like to see some in person.

My family is from NJ, and we went to visit with them for Easter and brought some my paintings to NYC to show Mr. Karp yesterday.

We were very lucky that my sister Beth and brother in law Anthony came with us. Anthony was familiar with driving in the city and did a excellent job navigating us there. We were not sure that we could find a parking spot and it was a question as to how I would get the large painting to the door of the gallery. It worked out fine as we reserved a spot for the car in a parking garage close to the gallery. My husband built a cart we named "The Art Cart" for the paintings and we pushed it up the city block.

 Meeting Ivan and Ethan Karp was a delight. It was such an honor to meet them. It was surreal to see my work leaning up against the walls that have had so many important artists hanging on them.
Ethan viewed the work first,  and after a short while went and got Ivan to come and see them.  They liked them very much and Ivan told me that he would write me down as a “qualified candidate for a show.” He said that he could not guarantee a show, but I am thrilled with potentially showing at OK Harris Works of Art!